Definition and context

Sale of a block building per apartment involves the following steps :

  • The creation of a co-owner relationship and the privatization of common space (volume of attic, cour tyard transformed in terrace, garden …)
  • Work to increase the property value (lift, façade restoration…)
  • The sale of every lot, apartment by apartment together with their associated spaces (including cellar and parking spots)

The sale can benefit :

  • the tenant, who benefits from preemption rights, with a discount depending on the rental situation,
  • or a third party that buys the vacant or leased property.


The sale process benefits from a global sale price increased by a mere 20% compared to a classic block sale, every sale of unit being optimised.

The length of time to complete the transaction is generally 12 - 18 months.

This technique, which became common in the 90’s, today represents more than 10% of the Parisian real estate market.

FIGAM brings

  • An expert team of professionals with experience in the sale of block buildings by apartment in particular through 15 years of close collaboration with LCL Banque Privée
  • A sound knowledge of the real estate market and a significant track-record of institutional and private references
  • An assistance to the legal and tax structuring
  • Partnerships with law firms, building – refurbishing companies, land surveyors . . .
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