UCIMMO the development and refurbishment specialist 

With more than 15 years in the real-estate development industry and success in numerous endeavours, the company has developed a technical expertise.

The UCIMMO team adapts itself to the various fiscal stimulus which accompanied both new and refurbished properties and the conversion of commercial and industrial premises into homes.

In addition, convinced that real estate has a key role to play in the reduction of greenhouse gases, UCIMMO strives to meet the standards of High Environmental Quality (HEQ).

The UCIMMO team evolves with a constantly changing environment and is concerned to satisfy the demands of the clientele for its real estate properties.

The ability to respond is an essential characteristic for professionals in the development – refurbishment business.

UCIMMO benefits from a close cooperation within its team which makes fast decision-making possible :

  • during the acquisition of land or buildings and the various phases of construction or refurbishment ,
  • in the follow-up of the choice of materials as well as the methods of insulation subject to the change of environmental standards.

Its credibility in this business brings the support of partner banks.

Its offer thus follows a logic of patrimonial dynamic.

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